Our Story

Qfix Infocomm Private Limited (Qfix) established in the year 2015 is headquartered in Mumbai. Qfix is born out coming together of like-minded professionals with strong domain knowledge and passion to perform. We at Qfix conceive, design and develop innovative digital concepts and high-performance digital solutions.

We as an organization we are focused on identifying gaps in the payments business to re-engineer and create innovative digital products to tap commercial opportunities therein. The management brings combined experience of more than 5 decades which aids in strengthening the strategic and execution capabilities of the company.


Digitalisation is increasingly influencing all business segments and is changing/disrutping traditional business models. In the online age, the key to sustainable commercial success no longer lies solely in high-end e-commerce, but also primarily in optimal customer interaction.

We at Qfix pave the way into the digital future of social commerce for various non traditional/social institutions. We combine creativity, experience, and technology in intelligent digital solutions. In this way, we facilitate digital success from the first moment onwards.


Qfix, as a team of fin tech professionals, are connected by the passion for unusual digital solutions. We design the future ourselves, instead of just keeping up with it. We uncover the imminent challenges of the digital transformation already today and tirelessly research innovative answers to the questions of tomorrow. In this way, we help our clients to successfully recognize and use the chances the digital era has to offer.


Putting the Pieces together – a little differently

CONNECT – differently

Our system will guide the user to connect only to the relevant people. Optimizing socialisation.

Connect will be more need driven, rather than Networking driven.

TRANSACT – What is needed

Transactions will be directed more towards what is needed, important and urgent keeping consumer instead of product at the center.

Only platform selling both products and services.

ENGAGE – Always

Engagement will be driven more through Mobile Phone, ensuring “Always” engaged.

As security and safety needs are driven through the platform, users are always engaged.


Experience will be directed always towards a niche market.

Personalised and associated experience connecting to next based action/offer for each individual personality.

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